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Adventures of a Bibliophile: Manix Abrera Comic Book Signing 2015

September 17, 2015
Book Club

So I joined our company's book club (yes, I have a regular job on weekdays, kind of technical bordering on geeky/nerdy). Going back, yes I joined our company's book club. Surprised? Well, it was expected. LOL. For the first book club grand meeting, we invited Manix Abrera for a comic book signing. 

Just a background on Manix (from goodreads):

MANUEL “MANIX” ABRERA is a graduate of Fine Arts in UP Diliman. He is the writer and artist of the Kikomachine comic strips found daily in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He already has five compilations of his strips, and recently launched his first silent comics graphic novel “12”. He is currently finishing his 6th compilation due later this year, and continues to write and draw comics until he dies and goes to heaven.

He is basically a comic strip author doing strips for a local newspaper as well as a news site here in the Philippines.

This is him doing a talk which was so hilarious and enjoyable

Manix is signing books

Soon...its my turn

me and Manix

I had 5 comic books signed and this was one of those. He did all with different variations which as so cool.

Happy reading!

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