Monday, August 27, 2012

From the shelf: "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown

I've been reading books since I was little, practically having my own private library but this is the first time that I would blog about it.

Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"

This is the third book in the Robert Langdon series. The first two being "Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" (that would be another story). In this story, Langdon was tricked into going to Washington by Peter Solomon's "assistant" for a last minute speech at an event. Little did he know many things would transpire that night where the Freemasons will face a big crisis. There are also characters like Katherine Solomon, Peter's sister who studies Noetic Science; Trish Dune, Katherine's genius assistant; Warren Bellamy, one of Peter's masonic brothers who is also the Capitol's current architect; Reverend Dean Galloway, the other masonic brother who is blind but helped Langdon and Katherine to crack the code; Inoue Sato, the CIA operative who was annoying but somewhat helpful and many more others involved in a story revolving on conspiracy, truth and the search for the lost word, The Ancient Mysteries.
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