Monday, March 26, 2012

Adventures of a Bibliophile: Lauren Oliver 2012 "Pandemonium" Book signing event

March 25, 2012
Sunday be honest, I've never read any of Lauren Oliver's books...but I always see them around the Powerbooks and Fully Booked branches. I wanted to try her books since I already heard that they are addicting but it has always put on hold since whenever I go to the bookstores I prioritize the books I came there for. 

Me and my sister went to Makati not to have the book signed but to watch "The Hunger Games" <- another book series I'm in love with (but that's another story) and to pass the time, we hang out in Powerbooks Greenbelt and saw the sign that today at 3PM for the launch of her book "Pandemonium" a sequel to "Delirium"

I was hesitating a bit and in the end, I gave in and bought her new book to have it signed, although I must hurry up because our "Hunger Games" movie date would start at 5:10 PM
Here it is, her book signing event.

Well, she did the interview first. And told the audience that she came from a family who loved books so much. Well I can relate to that

Here is her book ^^

Me and my siblings: Marion and TJ. While waiting for my turn (I'm number 128) we read. Ah~ Forever geeks.

This is the view from where I was sitting. 

Finally, I got my book signed

My book signed...and personalized too!

Her advice to budding writers, never stop writing. She wrote and tried to finish her novel for 8 years, started out as 13 and ended at 21. Write everywhere and anywhere and don't lose hope. (She also was a fanfiction her fave books ^^)

I hope I become one just like her.
Authors are definitely heroes.

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