Saturday, September 5, 2015

From the shelf: Girl Missing

Title: Girl Missing
Author: Tess Gerritsen
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Thriller
Date read: September 4, 2015
Dawn Rates:  (4/5)

Summary (cr: goodreads)

A beautiful young woman’s corpse is found dumped in a garbage-strewn alley. Now laid out in the office of medical examiner Kat Novak is an unidentified body that betrays no secrets—except for a matchbook clutched in one stiff hand, seven numbers scrawled inside. When a second victim is discovered, Kat begins to fear that a serial killer is stalking the streets, using a deadly drug to do his dirty work. The police are skeptical. The mayor won’t listen. One of the town’s most prominent citizens, with a missing daughter of his own, is also Kat’s chief suspect. As the death toll rises, Kat races to expose a deadly predator who is close enough to touch her.

My Review: (also in goodreads)

Rizzoli and Isles short stories: Freaks
This book was previously published as 'Peggy Sue Got Murdered' for its working title. Now re-published with the authors forward, this book as she says is the bridge from her previous writing style of romance and thriller transitioning to the Rizzoli and Isles series. This is also the first novel of Tess Gerritsen that I would read outside of the beloved series. This centers around Kat Novac a divorced, assistant Medical Examiner who suddenly got into a case that would be bigger than she thought and it started when her fellow asst ME asked for a favor. I could clearly see the transition of the author's style to what the Rizzoli and Isles series is at, now.
With the right blend of romance and thriller, this book still got me reeled in...especially the chemistry of the protagonists.

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