Saturday, February 22, 2014

Adventures of a Bibliophile: Gayle Forman in Manila 2014

January 18, 2014
National Bookstore Glorietta

This would be my fifth book signing event. Well third from an international author and I couldn't get anymore excited. Her books are unique since they come as a duet and not the normal trilogy or 4-part series.

From my experience on having my books signed, readers would go before 10AM yes...that is before the venue even opens. In this case, I arrived at 11AM and as expected there was a long line and I got number 277 *freaks out* Oh well, serves me right for not being at the venue before 10AM.

What saddened me is since National Bookstore sponsored the event (I guess I should have expected that) they wouldn't allow books purchased other than National Bookstore and Powerbooks. And books, Just One Year and Just One Day, were bought in Fully Booked they didn't allow it. Why the heck didn't I remove the price tag. See? I'm honest.

So here are my books and only 2 of them would be signed. *sad*

This is what's happening while I was waiting. National Bookstore swarmed by readers waiting for their turn to get their books signed.

This would be my only picture of Gayle Forman up close. Side story: I was 3 persons away from her and I decided to ready my phone for that mandatory photo-op. But my phone decided to die on that moment. That very moment. I was so devastated, why was this happening to me. Note to self: next time bring a powerbank. UGH.

my signed 'If I Stay' book. Can't wait for the movie on August

'Where She Went' book signed. Maybe she was tired from all the wasn't personalized. HAHAHAHAHA. Just like the Nicholas Sparks book.

She even gave everyone bookmarks with her books printed on them. Cool.

And she knows fangirlisms. Definitely cool.

As, always I loved the book signing. Though 2 of my books aren't signed and that I had no picture with her, I guess its still a wonderful experience.

Happy Reading!

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