Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hikaru's Library

Yes~ I was even surprised myself that I took the time and allotted a section of this blog for my book reviews (a newbie at that). Just a brief review of this addiction (maybe it was~)  I love books. I love reading. I am one of those children who'd rather have a book for her birthday than a barbie doll...or polly pockets (maybe not polly pockets, they were the only girly thing I loved). I am one of those children that would willingly write a book report that would be submitted next week but would be done in a day. I am one of those people who would rather have people giving me books plus writing a dedication on it for me. That makes my heart melt.

I have been reading as long as I can remember. Although, I didn't preserve some of my 3 year old books *sigh* Milton the monster and his squeaky tummy, The Lost Kitten *sigh* most of them are still with me.

And thus, I decided to blog about it:
Hikaru's Library, yep...Hikaru has always been my favorite Japanese name and I wished I had that name. These pictures were taken on January 1, 2012, the day I took liberty on (finally) organizing my books.

A shelf for some of the popular authors of this time: Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, Suzanne Collins, Rick Riordan
Back story: I have all of Rick Riordan's series (Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus series) yes~ I'm a fan. And that Paulo Coelho book, Brida? It was a gift from a dear friend, Ms. Liz.

Summit Media's W.I.T.C.H. series, I haven't completed the series and this was popular way back when I was in high school (10 years ago)

I had my fair share of Archie comics. But of course I'm biased to the Betty and Veronica series

This was my first "grown-up" book report in the 5th grade. Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" The pages are sort of crisp and tattered.

Here are some non-fiction books

My college books

Here are some pre-teen books, Harriet the Spy leading the bunch

I love this series! Ann Martin's "The Baby Sitters Club" series. This was even made into a movie. I collected these books when I was in elementary-high school. A character there has a name same as mine.

Actually, it was my sister Marion and my best friend Dianne who read Francine Pascual's "The Unicorn Club" series. Jessica Wakefield and her friends.

And I was more into Francine Pascual's "Sweet Valley" series. And yea~ I had that phase.

This was mostly my brother TJ's baby books.

Some of my random novels

I collect manga too! (A japanese comic book) My favorite is "Yamato Nadeshiko Schihenge" or known internationally as "The Wallflower"

This book has been with my mother a long time. I think they were still children? Her favorite story here is "Teeny Tiny" The book is too old that the pages are yellow and crisp

I love the Filipino author Bob Ong's books. They are hilarious but also serious in a way.

Here are some of my books below the manga shelf. Yes~ I have the Twilight series (haters, so sue me) as you can see I also have the Harry Potter series. Don't ever, ever ask me to take sides coz I couldn't compare the both of them. They are of different genres. And I acknowledge that once not too long ago, I was in a phase where I was in love with Edward Cullen. To make things light, I want the Harry Potter treasure chest but it costs 7,000 PHP OTL (donations are most welcome, my birthday is coming up. LOL~)

I also have Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" series but only up to book 9. 

Here are my books

Bookshelf number 1

Bookshelf number 2

It took me 5 hours to organize the books (maybe more). I organized the books based on classification (e.g. Childrens, series, pre-teens, manga etc). My mom even told me that I could open my own Booksale shop. She even told me that if I buy any more me and my sister's room would be more of a library than a room, that I would stack books on the floor again (that is why she bought Bookshelf number 1) All recent books were in the bookshelf nearest to my bed (Bookshelf number 1). The weird thing is when  my sister or brother borrows a book without permission, when I come home I could sense if someone has gone through the bookshelves.

This is my ritual whenever I buy a new book:
1. I feel the cover
2. I smell the pages
3. And most importantly, I read the last chapter. LOL~

I don't know why but I love the smell of old books, the older the better; maybe its because of the paper. Maybe leather-bound books smell good in an old library.

Oh~ and I love whoever wrote this that I re-blogged it in here last year. Entitled: Date a girl who reads

I could go on and on babbling about this but I guess, this is all for now.
Till the next read...

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