Thursday, October 11, 2012

From the shelf: 50 Shades Trilogy by EL James

This trilogy has been my reference to two of the novels I reviewed, which has a similar genre. (Beautiful Disaster, The Stranger I Married) Though both of these novels could be classified as mature, 50 Shades Trilogy has taken it a notch higher.

EL James' "50 Shades Trilogy"

I have read the trilogy (in e-book form) since April of 2012 and only reviewed it now (seriously, I was procrastinating). First I was curious as to why it is often reviewed by book lovers everywhere. I was also amazed at how it started as a fanfiction to the Twilight saga, but since its too ero-mantic the writer had to change the names and do her own story. It was then when Delamar Arias, told the listeners of The Morning Rush (My favorite morning show on radio with Chico Garcia and Gino Quillamor - a recent addition) that she has been reading an interesting book of the mature genre and that it would be on sale in the Philippines very soon. I was curious but somewhat indecisive if I should read this, after all I have never read a novel this hardcore erotic.

The trilogy has been split up into books of these titles: 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed. In 50 Shades of Grey, we get to know the characters, Christian Grey a young multimillionaire oozing with charm and Anastasia Steele, a college senior. The two meet when her best friend, Katherine Kavanagh, asked her to fill-in for the interview with Grey since she was sick, that is where their attraction started. It is revealed that multimillionaire, charming Grey isn't so innocent after all. Ana who is kind of mesmerized with Grey is pulled in for a wild ride of BDSM, contracts and extreme emotions. Still not signing a contract of the dominant/submissive relationship, Steele breaks off what she has with Grey after peeking into his world; and that's where 50 Shades Darker start. In the second book, Grey copes up with the new emotions unveiled after Steele breaks it off. It is shown that even though Ana is very much attracted and there are already deep emotions involved, she would not like to settle in a dominant/submissive relationship with Grey. Christian at that moment was in a daze and rather confused on the emotions he has towards Ana. He feels jealous, possessive and caring towards her but at the same time keeps her at arm's length. At the end of the book he faces his emotions and  proposes to her, loving her but doubting if she loves him too; that's where the third book picks up. In 50 Shades Freed, Ana is coping up and learning to have her happy ever after with the man she loves who has trust issues. For them to be truly happy, they have to overcome Christian Grey's past, his trust issues and him willing for that to happen. And for that to happen Ana Steele has to be firm, always let her husband feel that he is loved and she must be patient. As what his psychologist would say, he may be mature with regards to the logical side (his businesses and work ethic) but he has the maturity of an adolescent boy when it comes to emotions. In this book they will have to deal with something life-changing that would make Grey think about things.

My opinion? These books are not just mature; this trilogy has taken the word erotic into a whole new level. Popularly tagged as mommy porn (this I do agree), I think this trilogy has a lot to offer. Amidst the bondage, BDSM, erotic scenes that could make a person palpitate, I think Grey's story is deep. The story isn't just about sex. It came from a dark past which he tries to cover up. He was like that because of what happened to his mom, to Mrs. Robinson and  his guilt on his adoptive parents. Finally he met someone who could be of equal standing and because its his first time to feel such emotions, he couldn't deal with them. The only thing he knows best is dominance and control, but somehow for the relationship to work he must learn to compromise. These books aren't for the minor audience. The readers should get past the erotic, out of this world sex scenes and understand the back story. That is where you'll get the essence of this trilogy.

"50 Shades Trilogy" gets(5/5)

For the record, since they are planning to make movies out of the trilogy, I would like Matt Bomer to take on the role. And yes~ I'm Greyessed

Till the next read... (Laters baby~)

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