Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adventures of a Bibliophile: A night out walking at High Street, BGC

This is something readers could relate to. And I'm guilty of such.

I recently found out that this Japanese word exists. Double guilty.

Friday nights mean that work is done for the week and that a person like me (drained from all that) could finally relax and be by myself (side effects of introversion)

Purchased Sen Miriam's 2nd hilarious book which ejects humor into the serious world of politics. I did a book hunt into 3 stores for this.

Book Sale at Fully Booked BGC!!!!! I got 2 of James Patterson's novels and my giddy heart couldn't contain its bliss.

Book hoarding once again by yours truly.
My queue list is endless and I love it.
Tsundoku at its finest.

Oh, by the way...this blog is finally on the book bloggers list. Yay!

To infinity and beyond...


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