Saturday, August 3, 2013

From the shelf: Dead Weight (Lizzy Gardner #2)

Title: Dead Weight (Lizzy Gardner #2)
Author: TR Ragan
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime
Date read: July 28-31, 2013
Dawn Rates:  (4/5)

Summary (cr: goodreads)

DEAD WEIGHT - A missing girl, a cold case, and one angry teenager keep Lizzy Gardner busy in this suspenseful sequel to Abducted by T.R. Ragan

Her First Cold Case…Lizzy Gardner, a private investigator known as the “one who got away,” has spent over a decade trying to get over her past and move on. Although she knows that the man responsible for ruining her life is now dead, letting it all go is easier said than done. Hoping murder and mayhem are behind her, she delves into her first cold case: twenty-one years ago, a girl went missing and the girl’s dying mother is more desperate than ever to know what happened to her only child

A Missing Woman…
After a woman walks into Lizzy’s office and offers her a large sum of money to keep a close eye on a fitness guru, a man she believes is responsible for her sister’s disappearance, Lizzy realizes she might have taken on more than she can handle.

An Angry Teenager…
Lizzy calls in the help of her two assistants, forcing Hayley and Jessica to work together. Hayley might be of more use to Lizzy if she wasn’t wandering the streets of Sacramento in the dead of night
My Review: (also in goodreads)

This happens months after the whole Spiderman fiasco at Abducted. Lizzy and Jared are testing their new found-again relationship. Hayley is now working for her but secretly plotting revenge against those who abused her. Jessica is still working for her as they juggle their time with the new cases since her business became more popular after beating Spiderman. This was her first major case after what happened at the events of the first book. The book had the elements of an entertaining mystery/detective novel and I love how it all fell into place. I just hope Hayley can comeback soon.

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