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Adventures of a Bibliophile: Margaret Stohl, Allyson Noel and Melissa Dela Cruz Manila 2013

September 14, 2013

Being a bibliophile has its own weird not getting out of a bookstore without buying a book or collecting books (preferably hardbound versions or if there are no hardbound editions next in line would be the first edition paperbacks or lastly mass paper back editions if desperate) or like getting all excited in having your books signed. Well that's how it is for me. I may not be a fan (...yet) or haven't read any books by Allyson Noel and Melissa Dela Cruz, but having Margaret Stohl with them is good enough for me. I would've wanted Kami Garcia to be in the tour too but one-half of the authors of the beloved Beautiful Creatures series coming here is my go sign.

Since I've been to book signing events before, I went there just on time to be the 8th in line.. 10AM registration for a 4PM book signing.

...excited for what's in store

yep, in my backpack carrying the 4 hardcover editions of the Beautiful Creatures series

me with Margaret Stohl...she is such a charmer. It was obvious she loved the event.

finally got my books signed...unfortunately she got my name wrong on the three other books maybe she was overwhelmed with people who came to have their books signed.

I tweeted her about it and she replied (so its true...she said that authors do read their mentions at twitter) I hope next time Kami Garcia comes too :D

Happy Reading!

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