Sunday, June 16, 2013

From the shelf: The Sun Dwellers

Title: The Sun Dwellers
Author: David Estes
Genre: Dystopian, Romance
Date read: June 5, 2013
Dawn Rates:  (5/5)
Summary (cr: goodreads)
With those she's closest to dying around her, Adele embarks on a secret mission to the Sun Realm to assassinate the President. Along the way she'll uncover secrets about her relationship with Tristan that she might not be ready to face. 
Tristan has a secret, too, one that's been eating him up inside ever since he met Adele. Will he reveal all, and risk the loss of friendship and love at a time when he needs it the most?

At the same time, Adele's mother, General Rose, must lead her soldiers into battle to face the sun dweller army in the hopes of holding them off until Adele can complete her mission. Can she outlast the strength of President Nailin's elite fighting force?

There's only one truth in their world: someone must die.

My Review: (also in goodreads)

I just read The Moon Dwellers and The Star Dwellers at a read for review event in GoodReads last year. Now months after, I finally read the third book in the series. This book didn't fail me. The prologue seemed not like the prologue and it made my heart race even at the start of the story. This time around, after the events in the second book, Adele must carry out a bigger and more impossible plan than before: killing the man who is the root of all suffering, President Nailin. Fueled by revenge on her father's death, she must travel to the sun realm and complete the mission which is possibly suicidal to restore balance and justice in the Tri-realms. With her is Tristan, coincidentally the son of the person she should kill but also her boyfriend; Tawni and Roc, their bestfriends and new found friends Trevor and Ram. 

The story is fast-paced and just when I thought Star Dwellers made me grip my seat, through this third book I'm in for a treat. The usual one-liner jokes were there in the form of Roc but doubled because of Trevor. There were more cheesy moments between Tristan and Adele that were both nauseating and amusing at the same time. There were a lot of socking events and sadness. I know that I shouldn't spoil but there would be death. As to who's going to die, the readers should find out. I was about to accept the fact that this was a trilogy and that I'm saying goodbye to the dwellers saga; when I found out that there was a fourth book and possibly the conclusion and crossover to the series, my heart swelled with joy but flattened with the reality that it isn't till September or November (?) that I'll read the book. So in the meantime, I'm going to read the Country trilogy. 

After reading the 3 dweller books in e-book form, yep~ I'm going to get greedy and buy the paperback version...and have it shipped all the way to the Philippines because it is worth it.

Till the next read...

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