Sunday, May 5, 2013

From the Shelf: The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino's The Morning Rush Top 10, Book 2

Title: The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino's The Morning Rush Top 10, Book 2
Author: Compilation from The Morning Rush
Genre: Filipino Humor, Top 10 entries
Date read: March 15, 2013
Dawn Rates:  (5/5)

Summary (cr: goodreads)

They're baaaack!

And they brought the whole barkada! Get ready fr another round of pee-in-your-pants LOLz wth 100 more of the crazy lists from Chico, Delamar, and Gino's The Morning Rush Top 10, from the award-winning hit radio show on RX 93.1.

This follow-up to the bestselling book, The Best of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush Top 10, includes lists like:
- Top 10 Beki Problems
- Top 10 Bromance Rules
- Top 10 Date Fails
- Top 10 Nicknames for Your Naughty Bits
- Top 10 Fun Menu Entries
The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino's The Morning Rush Top 10, Book 2 also comes with a set of stickers that you can use to pimp the cover and accessorize the Kikay Barkada!
My Review: (also in goodreads)

Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias, hosts of 93.1 The Morning Rush, is the most sought out tandem in the 90's. They have surpassed the 15 year mark and they are doing it so well that you couldn't even feel that they've been on air for that long. I used to listen to them back in elementary but stopped when I was in high school. I was a silent Rusher (that's what they call their listeners) and I came back listening to them, surprised that there was the Chichi and Gigi show...I was thinking, were was Delamar? It turns out she was on maternity leave and when she came back...the Chico and Delamar love team became the kikay barkada with the addition of Gino Quillamor...the show was never the same again, it became more kikay and gay (?)..lotsa laughs...included and it renewed my love for the show. I even laugh when on the road and in my cube at work. This book is the compilation of Rushers most hilarious entries for the out of this world top 10 topics. The first book was to commemorate the duo's 15 years on radio and this sequel one year later is as funny as the first one. The DJs even wrote each other's about the author (well technically the Rushers are the authors and they should be called compilers (?) but oh well...) pages and it is downright funny; more like what is this person in their eyes. And the cartoons in those pages...hilarious!

me at the book signing

me and my friend Arian at the book signing

finally meeting C, D and G


me with C, D and G

Arian with C, D and G (she even made them do a kikay pose...daya~ *inggit much?* haha)

my TMR Top 10 2 even have stickers for you to design your

finally got my books signed.
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